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                                                              1. Twin Head Paper Cone Making Line(90-100pcs/min)

2.Single Head Paper Cone Making Line (50-60pcs/min)

               3.Paper Cone Drying Machine(coal,wood,diesel, gas or electricity)

                                                              4.Paper Cone Finishing Machine 

                                                              5. Paper Cone Flocking Machine 

                                                              6. Paper cone of all sizes and weight (3’30,4’20,5’57 or custom-made)

Twin Head Paper Cone Making Machine

 Twin head paper cone making machine, capacity: 90-100pcs/min, 120,000-140,000pcs/24hrs,paper waste is lower than 8%.

twin head paper cone making machine
paper cone making machine

Single Head Paper Cone Making Line

Single head paper cone making line, capacity: 50-60pcs/min, 60000-70000pcs/24hrs, paper waste is lower than 20%.

Paper Cone Finishing Machine

Paper cone finishing machine can do sand scratching,nesting,V-cutting,counting job of paper cone.

finishing machine
paper cone flocking machine

Paper Cone Flocking Machine

This paper cone flocking machine combines gluing, spraying the velvet on the paper cone and drying in one machine, so it is very convenient.

Paper Cone Dryer Machine

Paper cone drying machine is used for drying the paper cone, the heating source can be coal, wood, gas, diesel or electricity

drying machine
Paper Cone Finishing Machine(

Paper Cone for Winding Yarn

We can provide 1’51,2’20,3’30,4’20 and 557 paper cone, we can custom-made size and weight of the paper cone according to customers paper cone sample