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Twin Head Paper Cone Making Line

This high-speed automatic twin head paper cone making machine, speed 90-100pcs/min, paper waste is only 8%, only 1 labor is enough, Power is 50KW, all the electric elements are imported famous brand, can get 120000-140000pcs/24 hrs paper cone, most suitable paper cone size is 4’20 and 5’57.


PLC control

Twin head structure

2 sides robot arms

Low paper waste

high speed 90-100pcs/min

Less labor

Less energy consumption

Product Details:

Twin Head Paper Cone Making line 
model GLTS2019-T
Main equipment Automatic winding 1 set ,finishing machine 2 sets ,dryer 1 set
Capacity (pc/min )   90-100pcs/min
Main power Dryer drove by electricity 62.42kw (winding 24.73kw, finishing machine 14.24kw, electrical dryer 23.45kw)


Dryer drove by coal 51.3kw (winding 24.73kw, finishing machine 14.24kw, coal dryer 12.33kw)

Control system Automatic ( by PLC)
Catch paper Option 1:Left side and right side robot arms

Option 2: Left side sliding table, right side robot arms

Cutting paper Pneumatic control: cutting angle blade , inclined blade , customized arc cutter,big small cutter
Printing Double color printing , netting twine tube , mechanical conveyor servo control
Width of paper 1160  1170mm ( as your paper cone size )
Hanging system Automatic deviation correction and constant tension control
dryer Automatic drying ( by electricity, coal,gas, wood or oil )
Finishing Velvet ,curling .cutting ,counting ( accept customized)
electric appliance main brand : CHINT
Pneumatic Airtac
Machine size Width 6.1meter ,length 14.5meter
Machine Weight 14 Tons
Labor 2 persons /shift
Air compressor 3.6 cubic air output per min