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Single Head Paper Cone Making Line

Digital Type  Automatic Paper Cone Making Machine

This machine is a fully automatic paper cone production line for textile industry. It is controlled by PLC. It consists of paper cone winding unit, paper cone Printing Unit , drying oven, and paper cone finishing unit. Paper  cone finishing machine is new type easy to operate, less mechanical parts, total production line can produce  50000 to 70000pcs/24hour , The whole paper cone production process is as follows.

Product Details:

Single Head Paper cone Making Line 

Item    Specification
Model GLPC-800



Automatic paper cone rolling machine 5760*2100*2030mm
Dryer 8200*1200*3100mm
Roughing machine 2150*2710*1430mm
Total set dimension 6800*11000mm


Automatic paper cone rolling machine 17.5KW
Dryer Coal heating: 4.45KW

Electric heating: motor 4.3KW, electric heating 14.7KW

Roughing machine 7.5KW
Capacity                     50-60pcs/min
Control system                    Digital control
Paper picking CNC slide table on the left
Paper cutting Pneumatic control: angle cutter, oblique knife, customized arc knife, large and small round knife
Printing Two-color printing; anilox tube; mechanical transmission or servo control
Paper roll width 650 ~ 800mm (customers need to choose different width roll paper according to different paper tubes)
Hanging roll system Pneumatic
Drying heating source electricity, coal, steam
Finishing machine Grinding, head punching, incision, counting (according to customer requirements can increase the grinding mouth device
Labor 2 workers/shift
Air compressor needed 1.8 Cubic air output (11kw air compressor)
Weight                       9T
Paper wastage rate Lower than 20%
Container needed 1*20GP and 1*40GP

No. of Worker Needed:-

Need one operator at paper cone winding machine and finishing packing need 1worker total 2 workers


The whole machine adopts advanced HMI CNC technology Program design, whole paper cone Winding machine has no Cam, all process operate throve Digital PLC, Servo motor, Breakthrough maintenance stable working, simple maintenance, easy operation.


Since this machine is a programmable control, the pneumatic components take place of mechanical transmission, reducing the wear and tear of equipment, so with significantly improved speed, this machine is the normal production rate of 48-55 per minute, no one can surpass in the domestic market so far…


The Paper Feeding method of this machine is very unique, using the most advanced servo motor modular way, no inertia, feed stability. HMI according to the instructions can pause at any position and with high accuracy. Feed length can do arbitrary regulation,

Suck Blow Conversion:-

This machine’s suction blowing method is achieved by using programmable control solenoid valve conversion.  Can do arbitrary adjustment of Vacuum suction position, inspiratory time, blowing time, conversion interval, and so on. Using this approach improves the stability of the equipment

Greatly Abrasive Method:-

This machine uses a nesting head, brushing in a simultaneous manner, simple and easy to understand. Brushing in the most stable time, in this way, abrasive paper cone produced by our machine is good and beautiful. The single nesting way can solve the chronic problem of paper concentricity.

Lowest Paper Waste Rate:-

This machine paper waste rate is about 20%. Using a most paper-saving ways to achieve customers’ most satisfaction according to customer’s request.