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Whether you know the exact specifications for your product, or you’re looking for expert guidance on the design, Gashili Machinery will partner with you to build a custom solution for the textile paper cone making line.

Industries We Serve

Our textile Paper Cone usually used for winding Yarn in spinning mill,paper mill and so on


Compared with plastic cone, paper cone cost is much lower.


Compare with other material Cone, the paper cone is more environmental.


The old paper cone is recyclable into new paper for recycling.

We have developed New type twin head paper cone making line,capacity 90-100pcs/min, as well as our common model textile paper cone making line 50-60pcs/min, as well as related machines such as paper cone drying machine, paper cone finishing machine and paper cone flocking machine, and output textile paper cone. 

We can customize paper cone making line according to customers’ request such as paper conecapacity, size, weight.

Twin Head Paper cone making machine 

Twin head paper cone making machine, capacity: 90-100pcs/min, 120,000-140,000pcs/24hrs,paper waste is lower than 8%

Single head Paper cone making machine 

Single head paper cone making line, capacity: 50-60pcs/min, 60000-70000pcs/24hrs, paper waste is lower than 20%.

Textile paper cone 

We can provide 1’51,2’20,3’30,4’20 and 5’57 paper cone, we can custom-made size and weight of the paper cone according to customers’ paper cone sample

Our team of engineers, technicians, electricians, and sales is ready to support your textile paper cone making machine in every step of the way. We pride ourselves on creative solutions, so your paper cone making machine meets all your expectations for labor-saving, Energy-Saving and Paper-Saving.

         Innovative, customizable solutions for the entire textile paper cone making line

paper cone making machine


We will suggest most suitable option for paper cone making line according to paper cone size, paper weight, capacity, raw paper width and weight, and land size provided by Customers.

paper cone molds


We will design the molds according to customers’ paper cone sample.

Textile paper cone making machine


We will manufacture machine according to customers’ detailed requirement.

Textile paper cone making machine

Test Running

Before Delivery, we will test every part of the paper cone making line as well as mark No in electric control box to save installation and commissioning time in Customers’ working site